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Goldenfeeds- the original full service feed provider!

Hundreds of retailers worldwide trust us and rely on our services to deliver their feeds. All day, every day - without having to interact with a tool. Proactive service as it should be!


you publish rich product data

we visually scan for the data you wish to use

Goldenfeeds uses this data to build bespoke and accurate product data feeds

we provide these feeds in any required format to the publishers of your choice

increase your conversion and ROI

Why is Goldenfeeds different?


Unlike traditional scraping technology, we visually identify content, rather than digging through pages of code to extract it.    



What does this mean for YOU?

When you change your page layouts, run A/B testing, special offers or sales, we have you covered! 

If you have sites with different currencies or languages, this doesn't affect the gathering of data in any way, as our visual site scanner is completely language agnostic.

Charla Kulekci

Neo Ogilvy


"SONY is a dynamic customer that launches their brand in new territories extremely fast. Considering their technical requirements, it is very challenging to show a positive ROI quickly.


But with the assistance of Goldenfeeds, we managed to launch multiple channels in a short period and continue to over deliver the results our customers expect from us."

James Parker

Phones 4U


“The Goldenfeeds team and their quick product feed launch helped us to capitalize on opportunities in the marketplace.


Their ability to adapt quickly to our unique requirements as well as to site changes and updates helped us maintain high quality feeds to our affiliates and marketing channels.”

Senior Manager Data & Performance

International Hotel Chain


"What makes Goldenfeeds different – and better — is their willingness to understand the unique aspects of our industry and tailor a solution that will maximize our exposure and drive online sales.


Goldenfeeds’ daily feed management ensures our product feeds are live, detailed and accurate for the best consumer experience.”

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