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Affiliate Marketing
Add More Value to Affiliates

Providing affiliates with high-quality product information is one of the main requirements of a successful affiliate program. Ensuring quality product information throughout your website as well as your channels significantly impacts ROI. It also enables affiliates to offer a consistent and valuable shopping experience.


Goldenfeeds believes that in order to drive better results a brand needs to add more value to local and global affiliates. Added value means catering to your affiliates’ requirements, requests and even some of their wishes. At Goldenfeeds we automate this process and ensure those needs are met.


With Goldenfeeds, accurate, detailed and frequently updated product data is delivered on a daily basis through your affiliate network which consists of:


  • All-inclusive product attributes and specifications that drive buying decisions.

  • Complete and up-to-date pricing data.

  • Social information (ratings, # of reviews, likes, tweets…).

  • Effective keywords for increased visibility during consumer searches.

  • Promotional text that drives conversions.

  • Automated, applied rules such as the inclusion of value-added details or the exclusion of non-commissionable items.


Custom feeds to accelerate sales can be effortlessly generated using:


  • Top-seller feeds

  • Category subset feeds

  • Special offers feeds

  • Product variant feeds


Additionally, Goldenfeeds provides affiliates with an Easyfeed distribution portal  that allows them to customize a brand’s feeds according to their needs and further reduces the time and money spent on the publishers’ side.

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