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Distribution Portal


Our Easyfeed Portal enables online publishers to effortlessly generate and customize a brand’s product information  as well as deliver it daily with tracking.




Enriched Product Information That Drives Sales


Online retailers who use Easyfeed service allow publishers to access detail-rich product information, including attributes that are typically not part of standard product feeds, such as social recommendation information (likes, user ratings, number of reviews, etc.), best sellers, comprehensive specification details and more. Such information can be used by publishers to better promote products and drive sales.


Tailored Product Information for Effective Promotion

Customized product information can help publishers and agencies drive sales by promoting targeted content that is adjusted based on specific category, price, brand name, keywords and more. For example:


  • “On Sale” information that draws in savvy consumers

  • “New Arrivals” information that attracts trendy shoppers

  • Social product endorsements such as ratings and likes that eases the buy decision


Furthermore, formatting can be adjusted according to a publisher’s needs without IT involvement.




Maximized Information Relevancy for Increased Conversion


Large and diversified product offering may be challenging for many publishers. For example targeted portals may face difficulties in incorporating a large feed with many categories that are irrelevant for them.  Easyfeed allows them to optimize the product information according to specific needs and consumer profiles by including only relevant portions of the product information. Generating a product feed that includes selected categories, specific price range and specific brands for example, allows publishers to present the most relevant content that will truly accelerate revenues.


Multiple feeds can be generated for a single brand and seamlessly uploaded to the publishers’ FTP.





Accelerated Revenues Through Social and Best Sellers Insights


Publishers are always looking for ways to promote top-converting products that generate more revenue. The frequently changing information creates a challenge for retailers to create on a regular basis. Additionally, consumers typically want to know which products are the most talked about, most liked and have the highest customer ratings.


Easyfeed allows publishers to automatically generate a best sellers feed from top positioned products in each of the brand’s categories.

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