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Search Engine Marketing
Bid Smarter

Modern shoppers know what they want to buy and how to find it online. They make data-driven buying decisions by comparing prices, availability and delivery conditions (such as: shipping costs, delivery time, etc.). The ability to optimize the product information accordingly is essential for converting these shoppers.


Search engines such as Google and Bing are constantly improving their shopping experiences, resulting in more complex product data requirements. Online retailers need a smart, 24/7 team and state-of-the-art technology to best monetize these channels.


Goldenfeeds provides an automated service backed by a knowledgeable team to power a brand’s relationship with Google / Bing Product Listing Ads. Bidding success starts with accurate and comprehensive product information that is consistently updated. As a partner to our clients, we understand their bidding strategies and optimize product data accordingly by:


  • Including comprehensive product data to increase the product feed rank and lower bidding expenses.

  • Optimizing category and color mapping to increase visibility during consumer searches.

  • Continuously adjusting product information according to the search engine requirements.

  • Aligning a brand’s data with merchandising information, such as best sellers and new arrivals.

  • Using top phrases and product segmentation for the best results.


Goldenfeeds delivers brands product data to search engines worldwide on a daily basis, monitoring for changes and data performance to maximize results.

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